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Vintage jewelry Paris

Savaje Paris selects unique vintage jewelry for exceptional women

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The shop

You are a lover of old jewelry, you like to find second-hand rings, art deco style Tank,

You are looking for a vintage engagement ring adorned with precious stones,

Or are you rather fond of necklaces at the beginning of the XXth century,

You collect old earrings which are available endlessly: diamonds, pearls, emeralds, coral ...


Discover our store of a thousand treasures! Our fans are snatching our belt bracelets, they are to die for! As for our vintage brooches, you will soon discover how we divert them and offer to wear them.



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Boucles d'oreilles vintage

Brooches & Clips

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Our suggestions


  • We offer you remote meetings thanks to the application of your choice: Facetime, House Party, Zoom,… so that you can look at the jewelry that you like wherever you are and we can advise you!

  • We find for you the jewel of your dreams: tell us what you are looking for and we will find it, we have a host of other models that we add as we go along.

Our engagements


  • All our jewelry is subject to careful quality control

  • We restore the jewelry that needs it thanks to our workshops of partner artisans, rhodium plating, polishing so that your jewelry benefits from the shine of the new

  • We give you a certificate of authenticity

  • We deliver to you for free in France

Our values


  • Savaje Paris offers you a selection of chic and glamorous second-hand jewelry.

  • The antique jewelry we sell is unique and eternal.

  • We offer our jewelry at very attractive prices, in particular with regard to new jewels.


I am Savaje

who am I ?

Strong and determined, impulsive, decadent and mysterious, I wear Savaje Paris jewelry.

I am not always serious, but who knows it apart from me?

I like to take the risks of life and I am where I am not expected.

I'm a muse, but I don't care.

Try to catch me and I evaporate in the mist.

Lascivious and elusive, I drive you crazy.


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